Monday, 19 January 2009

Canine world sent into disarray as Osborne broadcasts ultrasonic response to Ken Clarke appointment

Dog owners across the country reported bizarre behaviour in their pets this morning as George Osborne took to the Today studio to say how pleased he was about the return of Kenneth Clarke to the Tory front bench. Mr Guy D'Aug, 56, described how his labradoodles reacted to the broadcast. "They both went absolutely crazy, running around the garden and spinning in circles before trying to eat the radio." Thousands of other dog lovers rang the BBC to complain about the broadcast. Boffins say the unusual response is because Osborne speaks at ultrasonic frequencies detected only by dogs. Despite recent voice-coaching lessons designed to help the shadow chancellor speak at frequencies detectable by humans, it is thought that the news of Clarke's appointment sent Osborne back to his old ultrasonic ways. George Osborne is pre-pubescent.

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