Tuesday, 8 May 2007

List of superfoods expands to include pork pies

Superfoods, packed with nutrients that have health-giving properties, can be exotic - alfa alfa, spirulina, brazil nuts and wheatgrass - or prosaic: broccoli, blueberries, beetroot. The latest addition to the list - pork pies - was announced by scientists yesterday. Researchers at the University of Leeds, who fed large quantities of pork pie to 60 men daily for eight weeks, showed it increased antioxidants in their blood, lowered cholesterol, and reduced blood pressure. They concluded, in the Journal of Clinical Nutrition: "The results support the theory that consumption of pork pie can be linked to a reduced risk of many diseases." The findings have been welcomed across the country. Phil Riordon, an accountant from Manchester said yesterday: "This is brilliant news. I've been eating nothing but buckwheat and acai fruit for years."

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