Thursday, 29 April 2010

Clegg vows to remember the names of everyone

During the final televised leaders' debate last night Nick Clegg pledged to remember the name of every voter in Britain. "Nadine?" he said, "do I have that right? Yes, Nadine, that's a good question, and it goes back to something I was saying to Gavin a few moments ago. You deserve an answer, as does Mohammed, Dennis, Joe - and Jo! - and the Shah family."

He went on: "Bill, Mrs Merriwether, the Barnetts, you don't want the same old answers from the same old parties, and nor do you, Chantelle, Vicky, and Justin, Soresh, Dianne, Joshua - it is Joshua, isn't it?"

"I want a Britain that's fairer, Sarah," he said, "I have a new plan, Stan, and I won't be coy, Roy, so get yourself free."

George Osborne settles down to watch leaders' debate

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