Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Clinton campaign says wait until November

Advisers for presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton say she will not withdraw from the Democratic nomination race until November at the earliest, despite a Denver party convention date in August and rival Barack Obama holding a practically unassailable lead in delegates. "Even a majority at the convention doesn't mean a nominee is chosen," campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe told reporters, before passing out a copy of Democratic convention rules that appeared to have been hastily written on a cocktail napkin. "Go on, read it. It's all there." Trouble looms for Clinton as rival Barack Obama is expected to reach a majority of pledged delegates in the Oregon and Kentucky primaries today. But the Clinton campaign says it is pinning hopes for a comeback on a previously little-known group of "super-duper" delegates, which consists of former two-term Democratic presidents. President Bill Clinton is looking forward to being vigorously courted.

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