Monday, 3 May 2010

David Cameron hoping to drop some of his stuff off at No.10 on Wednesday

Tory leader David Cameron is hoping to drop some of his stuff off at No.10 Downing Street on Wednesday it was announced today as the Tory Party dismissed claims that the Conservative leader was being presumptuous about his prospects of victory on Thursday. The announcement came as Mr.Cameron took a day away from the campaign trail to pack at his Notting Hill home. "There's always masses more to pack than you think," he told reporters this afternoon. "The attic was absolutely full of stuff and so was the cellar. I've filled about a dozen black plastic bags already with old T-shirts and stuff which I haven't worn for years, and I filled a whole box with Simply Red CDs. I've got some guys coming on Friday to move the sofas and all the big bits of furniture but I'm going to drop some boxes round to No.10 on Wednesday night so we've got something to wear and something to eat for breakfast."

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