Monday, 12 March 2007

Blair indictment: details still sketchy

The campaign to have prime minister Tony Blair impeached or prosecuted for his crimes has run into trouble as campaigners have failed to agree on either the charge sheet or a suitable punishment. Nobel prize-winning playwright and supporter of Slobodan Milosevic Harold Pinter demands the prosecution and imprisonment of Tony Blair at the International Criminal Court. But others say Pinter doesn't go far enough. "Blair should be executed for treason," says Andy O'Brien, former lawyer and now full time activist in Coventry. "There's no need for a trial. Just hang them all, like Saddam. Although hanging Saddam was totally wrong," he added. But he admits getting agreement on Mr Blair's worst crime is proving difficult. "There's genocide, fraud, corruption, cash for honours, David Kelly, PFI, supercasinos, just loads of stuff," says Mr O'Brien. "The problem is none of us can even agree on who should hire the minibuses to go down to the anti-war marches in London. It's very depressing, actually."

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