Tuesday 17 July 2007

Galloway: my Saddam shame

George Galloway MP, has shocked his supporters by revealing that he personally took no bribes at all from Saddam Hussein during the 1990s. Galloway made the astonishing claim in response to the news today that he faces suspension from the House of Commons for failing to disclose that his Mariam Appeal had received money from the Iraqi government.
"It's true," he said, "all that stuff about saluting Saddam's indefatigability, I meant it. I loved the guy. The fascism, the genocide, the cigar, the moustache. I said it for free. Sure the Mariam Appeal got a few quid but me, didn't take a bean. I'm so sorry."
A member of Respect, Galloway's party, said, "I'm horrified. I presumed all the fawning and scraping before Saddam and his psychotic sons was because he was on the take."
Galloway is believed also to be in receipt of no money at all from President Assad of Syria in return for recent fulsome praise.

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