Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Hello Mahmoud!

Stepping out in a typically stylish and tieless grey two-piece, diminutive Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad brought his own inimitable glamour to a grateful New York in a whirlwind two-day visit. Olly's Onions caught up with him to ask him a few questions.

OO: Mr President...
MA: Mahmoud, please.
OO: Mahmoud, welcome to New York City. You've really stirred things up here...
MA: (Chuckles) Well, you know, as the song goes, it's a wonderful town! But seriously, I've had a blast. I'm gonna be out tonight, hoo boy. Shaking my tuches. Feeling fine.
OO: And where will you be going?
MA: First I'm going to try one of your famous hot dogs. All beef, like my men! (Laughs) Only kidding. Then I'm going to catch The Producers on Broadway. I've been dying to see it for years. "Bialystock & Bloom! Bialystock & Bloom!" I LOVE that film.
OO: We're surprised to hear you say that. As a Holocaust denier....
MA: No! Why is only Mel Brooks allowed to make jokes about Nazis? (Sings) "We're marching to a faster pace, look out here comes the master race." I mean, brilliant!
OO: So what's with you and nukes?
MA: Relax, relax, I'm just pulling everyone's shvantz. Or AM I? (Laughs)
OO: And what is your message to the people of New York?
MA: I'd say to each one of you, be a mensch. And if you can't be a mensch, be amazing.
OO: Mr President...
MA: Mahmoud, please.
OO: Mahmoud, thank you.

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