Thursday, 20 August 2009

David Cameron distances himself from 'maverick' Tory party

Conservative leader David Cameron has moved swiftly to put distance between himself and the Tory party, which he described today as having 'some quite eccentric views.' This week Mr Cameron rebuked MEP Dan Hannan over his criticism of the NHS. Yesterday Mr Cameron moved to squash plans put forward by a Tory council to subsidise the fees of children attending private schools if their parents lose their jobs. Meanwhile former cabinet minister Norman Tebbit has been critical of Mr Cameron for driving away the party’s traditional voters. Mr Cameron has also reprimanded shadow cabinet member Alan Duncan as well as backbenchers Douglas Hogg and Sir Patrick Cormack over MPs' pay. A spokesman confirmed today that Mr Cameron had disowned the Tory party altogether. "These are the views of a maverick party, not of David Cameron," he said.

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