Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Daily Express is a big worry for most Britons

The Daily Express is “a big problem,” according to three-quarters of Britons. Half the nation also believes that controlling the huge numbers of copies of the paper in the country is the most worrying issue facing the nation today.
Others however have welcomed the paper's campaign on immigration. One contributor to the Express comments page urges readers to vote BNP. "Heaven help this UNELECTED JOCK SQUATTER DEAF DESPOT whom will destroy ENGLAND in favour of HIS beloved Jockland.......this tiny island which was once OURS. Our rivers and gutters will run red with blood, you have been warned."
Another contributor adds: "This cannot be a real problem as the BBC have not mentioned it in the news. Yesterday’s lead story was about badgers. I suppose the fact that badgers have black markings and that to cull them is racist was probably the prime reason for the BBC making this the main news item."
A Downing Street spokesman said today that the Unelected Jock Squatter Deaf Despot would be making an announcement on the issue in the next few days.

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