Tuesday, 8 January 2008

US voters nervous about Giuliani confidence

Americans are hoarding tinned foods and bottled water, as Republican presidential hopeful Rudy Giuliani remains eerily confident that his flagging campaign can be turned around somehow. Former New York mayor Giuliani, whose campaign has focused heavily on terrorist threats to the US, appears unconcerned about gathering no delegates from the Iowa caucuses and the Wyoming convention, and trailing in the New Hampshire primary. "Something's not right. He's so blasé about finishing behind Ron Paul in Iowa," said terrorist expert Michael Scheuer. "He must know something's coming. Run! Run! Aieeeeee!" he added. Giuliani himself has largely refused to comment about his position in the polls. "It's a long primary season and we're running a national strategy," said Giuliani campaign co-chair Steve Forbes. "Almost anything could happen. Anything! Just when you least expect it!"

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