Friday, 4 April 2008

America fought them on the beaches, apparently

Contrary to popular belief, it emerged today that America was in fact entirely responsible for the D Day Landings in 1944 which led to the liberation of France and ultimately, the beginning of the end of World War Two.

This new fact emerged from from Al Gore's Alliance for Climate Protection which broadcast a stirring advert, intended for US consumption, citing the single-handed storming of the Normandy beaches as evidence of American leadership.

The advert's vigorous approach to history continues with the claim that America led the world on civil rights - again surprising given America's history of segregation and Dr Martin Luther King's long and arduous campaign to win equal rights for black Americans.

The ad, narrated by noted historian William H Macy, goes on to suggest that it is in fact America which is leading the charge on tackling climate charge - a daring challenge to the commonly held belief that the rest of the world has been waiting for America to commit to the Kyoto requirements on climate change since 1997.

Churchill and Martin Luther King were both reported to be nonplussed at these startling claims. "The moon landings I'll give them. But the Normandy beaches? Fuck that" said Churchill today.

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