Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Minister realises he's not a Labour supporter - but takes the cash anyway

Digby Jones – former CBI chief - revealed his utter confusion today as he confessed that he needed to stand down from Government before the next election because he did not want to align himself politically with Gordon Brown.

Lord Jones of Birmingham, as he is now known, appears to have taken the job of Trade Minister in the Brown government out of vanity, forgetting that he had absolutely no common cause with the Labour project, opposed the establishment of the minimum wage, was dismissive of the value of public sector workers and was sceptical about Britain’s membership of the EU.

Lord Jones has a history of this sort of behaviour. His agreement to appear on Desert Island Discs despite demonstrating absolutely no knowledge of or interest in music left the listening public aghast. His choices, which included Tina Turner’s Simply The Best (“Because when I was at KPMG we were ‘Simply The Best’”) and Bryan Adams’ (Everything I do) I Do It For You (“Because everything I do, I do for my wife”) were thought to be among the worst ever featured.
Lord Jones is frequently described as an industry leader although the industry in question is not clear.

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