Thursday, 15 February 2007

London prepares - but couple's decision still some way off

Londoners are today no closer to knowing where a recently married couple is going to settle. Areas in north and south London are hoping to attract the pair, but Philip Reeves, a writer from Hornsey, and Marion Simpson, an architect from Camberwell, are yet to finalise their plans. Each has said in public that they would be happy to live in either location, but a close friend of Clarke says Reeves should be wary. "She wants a quick decision on this, but he has to realise that if they end up north of the river she'll make him pay for the rest of his life, and in ways he can't begin to imagine." Meanwhile Reeves is thought to favour the commission of a feasibility study followed by a period of consultation, a process which may not produce a final report for several months, if not years.

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