Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Cameron wants a Bullingdon Club in every borough

Community leaders have given a cautious welcome to David Cameron's proposal for a Bullingdon Club to be set up in every deprived borough. As an Oxford undergraduate in the 1980s Cameron was a member of the club, notorious for its boisterous dinners and whose members wear tailcoats costing over £1,000, and the Conservative leader believes that creating new clubs, in areas like Peckham and Streatham, might help solve the current gun crime epidemic. "We are seeing a break up in society precisely because too many young men lack direction and guidance. When I was a young man I found that being a member of Bullingdon helped me make new friends and keep on the straight and narrow. The worst we ever did was trash a few Michelin starred restaurants after a glass or two of champagne, but we never got involved in guns. Except when we went hunting."

Bullingdon Clubbers