Tuesday 20 February 2007

9/11: Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy

A shocking new report reveals that the 9/11 cover-up is deeper and more profound that even the most hardened conspiracy theorists have realised. Not only were Al Qaida not responsible for the attack on the Twin Towers, NO ONE was. The report, entitled "9/11: The Conspiracy Behind the Conspiracy", makes the startling claim that there was no attack on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Instead, the US Government used highly secret technology to project a giant holographic image of the destruction supposedly caused by aeroplanes crashing into the buildings. Smoke machines and loudspeakers, carefully hidden in manhole covers throughout Manhattan, completed the breathtakingly convincing display. "If you dispute that the World Trade Centre is in fact still there, you are probably in on it yourself," said the author of the report, Jason Zwengerle. David Shayler, the ex-MI5 spy who claims that the Twin Towers were hit by cruise missiles disguised as aeroplanes, is believed to be furious.

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