Saturday, 3 February 2007

Prosecute Cameron campaign gathers pace

The Conservative Party said this morning that it was unconcerned by a growing demand for leader David Cameron to be arrested. The campaign, led by members of the left wing Stop the War coalition, seeks to have the Tory leader prosecuted for "war crimes of the future". Peter O'Greary, a seasoned anti-war campaigner, said yesterday: "We are opposed to all forms of imperialist war, past, present, and future." Speaking outside Conservative Central Office at an anti-Cameron protest, he added: "Cameron is going to be the prime minister soon. We are demanding that he is arrested now and tried for the war crimes of the future. Thousands of innocent people are going to die because of what he's going to do. He must be tried at the Hague and left to rot in a cell." A Conservative Party spokesman said: "We are confident that David has not broken the law."

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